Przepych & UZS on tour! April/May 2017

Our 2nd common tour with Ukryte Zalety Systemu (UZS) is about to begin soon. Here is where you'll be able to see Us:



UZS + Przepych: 

28.04 (fri)  Basel (CH) @ Hirscheneck w/ Oszilot 


29.04 (sat)  Bourg en bresse (FR) @ La Tannerie 


30.04 (sun)  Paris (FR) @ Le Cirque Electrique (FR) w/ Saurien 


03.05 (wed)  Vitoria-Gasteiz (ES) @ Dardara (ES)  

04.05 (thurs)  Salamanca (ES) @ Trece Monos (ES) w/ Robokobold 

05.05 (fri)  Braga (PT) @ Rock Star pub 

06.05 (sat)  Porto (PT) @ P a r v a (studio-rave #2) 

07.05 (sun)  Lisbon (PT) @ Disgraça w/ Vasco Furtado & Luis Lopes 


09.05 (thues)  Madrid (ES) @ Rock Palace w/ Rizoma 

10.05 (wed)  Benicarló (ES) @ Plug In The Gear

11.05 (thurs)  Barcelona (ES) @ Ateneu de 9 Barris 



Przepych only: 

12.05 (fri)  Toulouse (FR) @ Pavillon Sauvage w/ Indurain  

13.05 (sat)  Grenoble (FR) @ La B.A.F. w/ Strong As Ten, Fleuve 

14.05 (sun)  Renens (CH) @ L'Ancre w/ Empre Sar & Maxim & Tokar  

15.05 (mon)  Luzern (CH) @ IG Industriestrasse w/ Thor & Friends  

17.05 (wed)  Prague (CZ) @ Žižkostel 




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Ukryte Zalety Systemu


UZS’s music is a fusion of post-punk, new wave and cold wave aesthetics. The trio’s pieces are based on sounds that are sharp and cool at the same time. Stripped-down rhythmical patterns driven by hectic bassline and despotic drum pad overlap with guitar cutting through, minimalist old-school keyboard and two chanting vocals, which draw on the 80’s, making reference to neue deutsche welle and British punk rock offspring, as well as Polish artists associated with Stilon Gorzów label. The latter is especially due to the lyrics in Polish, both critically reflexive and humorous, commenting on social reality in terse understatements. 


The band formed in mid-2013 and has published their debut LP and CD on Antena Krzyku during 2015. The album and their concerts is receiving good reviews both in in and outside the country. 

In April 2015 Maximum Rock'n'Roll has included their album in the list of the best new releases. In august the band has performed on OFF Festival - independent music festival in Katowice - both on its stage and on the special video session made for polish independent musicians by KEXP radio from Seattle. 


"this LP makes for an invigorating ride I’m sure would be a blast to see live.  Like, say, Gang Of Four and The Ex, there’s something at once linear and progressive at work here. "

( Adverse Effect Magazine )


"Captivating Polish post-punk that is experimental yet very danceable. I'm impressed with how they pull off this complex sound as a three-piece, but after some diligent investigation I've gathered that for their live sound the bass and guitar players trade off synth duties while the other is wailing." 

( Maximum Rock'n'roll )


"Es wäre schade, wenn die Band nur wegen der polnischen Texte nicht die angemessene Aufmerksamkeit finden sollte, denn musikalisch sind sie viel spannender als etwa die sich ständig wiederholenden MOTORAMA."

( OX fanzine )